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Wet your tiles

If you are ever using very abrasive/sandy grout, always dampen your tiles with a wet sponge before applying the grout, this will stop any scratching.

Remove toilet and basin

It's always better to remove fittings like basins and toilets, the time it takes to take them out will be far less than having to work around them. It also gives a cleaner and smarter looking finish.

Oh my knees!!!

A little piece of carpet underlay makes a great work friend, good on the knees and cheap to replace if you get it covered in adhesive and grout.

Handy work shelf

An old kitchen cupboard door is about the perfect width of bath, dust sheet it and placed over the bath it makes a very handy work surface.

Glass splashback

When fitting a solid glass cooker splashback always put the adhesive onto the wall and never onto the glass, the action of the trowel can scratch the coating.

Setting out

Never worry how long it takes to set out your tile cuts, it's worth the time in the long run to get it right. Think long and hard about all the eventualities.

Bath levels

Always put a batten on and tile down to a bath, baths can often run out and this way you'll always be safe.

Electric showers

Not a tiling tip but if you run your electric shower on cold after every shower it leaves the tank element full of cold water and prolongs the life of the heating tank, also helps flush out any scale.

Tile wedge

The humble tile wedge

Absolutely brilliant for getting things lined up level on your first row.

End of line tiles

There are new ranges of tiles coming onto the market all the time reflecting current trends. As a consequence tile ranges also disappear from the market place as designs change. It is important to buy enough tiles when you begin your tiling project, keeping some tiles set aside for repairs if necessary.

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Weight limits for tiles on walls

Wall Substrates - Maximum Weight of Tiling per m²

Gypsum Plaster = 20kg/m²
Plasterboard Direct (without a plaster skim) = 32kg/m²
Plywood (WBP) = Up to 30kg/m²
Lightweight tile backing boards = Up to 40kg/m². Dependant upon the type and thickness of the board.
Gypsum Fibre boards = Approximately 35-40kg/m²

I fix, grout and use

Bal Adhesives and Grouts

Weber Adhesives and Grouts

Ardex Adhesives and Grouts

Rocatex Adhesives

james Hardie - Hardiebacker board

The leading brands of professional tiling adhesives, grouts and backer boards, they offer an unrivalled range of products for all tiling applications. These are the preferred choice of professional tile fixers, contractors and specifiers. Whatever the tile material, background or function of the tiled environment, these solutions can be trusted for quality and lasting performance.

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